Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives

16 March 2018 – 26 August 2018

Friday 17 August 2018
5.30pm – 9pm
Queensland Museum
Adult (18+ only): $24 | MyMuseum Member: $21

Join us as celebrate National Science Week with an Egyptian twist!

Grab an ancient Egyptian inspired brew and explore all the Museum has to offer — natural history, cultural heritage, science and human achievement that tells the changing story of Queensland. Get entry to the entire Museum including Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives. There will be live music, science demos, entertainment and an expert talk Brew like an Egyptian: Ancient Egyptian Beer Making with Dr Serena Love.

This is an 18+, adults-only event. Your ID will be requested on entry and to purchase alcohol.


Adult (18+ only): $24
MyMuseum Member: $21
Members must present their card and ticket on entry.

Price includes all booking fees.

Check out our program of activities and plan your night. 

Entry is via Café Muse at the end of the Whale Wall from 5pm, where you can enjoy an Egyptian inspired craft beer and watch the sun set over the city skyline. Museum doors open at 5.30pm - you are welcome to bring your drinks inside.

5.30pm - 9pm, Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives, Level 3
5.30pm - 9pm, 660: Calling Home, Level 2
5.30pm - 9pm, Lost Creatures, Level 2
5.30pm - 9pm, Wild State, Level 4 

6pm, 7pm & 8pm, Brew Like an Egyptian with Dr Serena Love, Level 2, Theatre
In ancient Egypt, beer was safer to drink than water and it was consumed by every member of society. This talk discusses the oldest evidence for beer making in Egypt, ingredients and methods to make beer and the social events where beer was celebrated. Three Egyptian styled beers created by Dr Love and Bacchus Brewing Co. will be available to purchase at the café: Khufu’s Old Giza Saison beer, Mummy Dukkah Wit beer, Sekhmet’s Rage pomegranate sour.

5.30pm - 9pm, Ancient Perfume Demonstration with Damien Fegan, Level 2
Damien Fegan takes you to ancient times with a whiff of reproductions of the perfumed oil from Tutankhamen’s tomb, Julius Caesar’s favoured Egyptian scent, perfumes from Persia and more.

5.30pm - 9pm, Ask a Scientist Anything ... with Dr Joel Gilmore, Level 2
Prepare to be educated and entertained in the same breath! Dr Joel Gilmore will be on hand to answer your burning scientific questions.

5.30pm - 9pm, Creepy Crawlers up Close, Level 2
Discover live insects, scorpions, darkling beetles and cockroaches up close using microscopes and UV light.

5.30pm - 9pm, Robot Wars, Level 1½
May the best robot win! See the creations of Ipswich Robotics Sports Group battle it out.

6pm - 8pm, Geckos Wildlife Displays, Level 4
Join in this hands on wildlife experience on level 4.

6pm - 9pm, Egyptian Icons Origami, Level 2
Fold like an Egyptian. Create a paper memento to take home.

Food and Drink
Food and Drink will be available on the night, the event is licensed. ID will be required to purchase alcohol.

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